We provide Supply Chain Intelligence in the Medical & Pharmaceutical industry.

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we are specialists in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries. We have expanded our operations in order to meet our clients´ supply chain needs and take care of every detail of the process, from importation, inventory management, quality assurance, order picking, traceability, and reconditioning in our laboratory to the exportation of the final product.

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Supply Chain Intelligence

We carry out the correct administration and control of the inventory, in accordance with the Regulation of Good Storage and Distribution Practices.

  • Storage Management with Warehouse Management System
  • Supply Chain Intelligence
  • Quality Assurance
  • Trazability by lot
  • Order verification
  • Inventory management per category: available, quarantine, damaged, expired, state control, tenders, among others
  • Reports according to stablished KPI’s

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Order picking

We have the ability to customize the quantities, label and package the products on time.

  • Order preparation and picking according to Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Order cross-check by barcode
  • Product and box labeling
  • Shipping certification (scan process)

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Pharmaceutical Conditioning Lab

The laboratory service is one of our differentiators. We manage the entire rework of the product in compliance with the Regulatory Requirements of each country in terms of labeling and information, in accordance with the Regulation of Good Manufacturing Practices.

  • Marking through Inkjet for primary and secondary packaging, personalizing the information (tenders or institutional sales)
  • Label printing
  • Change of packaging
  • Seal placement
  • Secondary package

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Logistics Solutions

After the inventory management, preparation of orders and packaging of the products, we begin with the delivery process.

  • Transportation services: land, air and sea
  • Customs services and international transport advice: import and export
  • Health permits
  • Network and scope at Central American level with local deliveries
  • Door to door delivery services