Step by step of the picking order process

Por admin-segex

The order preparation, also known as picking in logistics slang, it is a fundamental link in the supply chain in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

This stage includes everything related to the process of preparing orders and its various sections: picking and packing.

Regardless of whether it is a unit or complete boxes, you must always ensure that you comply with each of the steps and requirements established to guarantee an expeditious advance of the rest of the supply chain.

As we saw in a previous article, at Segex we not only have the experience and capacity to manage inventory and storage, but also to prepare orders, in the desired quantity and form.

Our process includes from the preparation and selection of orders, according to the service level agreement (SLA), through the cross-verification of orders by barcode, until finalizing with the identification of the packages with the information of the orders.

Next, we’ll go over the order-picking process in detail, along with the associated practices that have made us one of the most recognized logistics partners.

Picking: Everything begins with the client’s request to our Distribution Center. The instructions are uploaded to our WMS, this generates tasks that are attended to in mobile radio frequency devices, the system directs our staff to the locations where the product is stored according to the criteria of batch, presentation and quantity of products to be taken.

We always make sure in advance that the products are suitable for dispatch and that they comply with the conditions, sanitary registration and other necessary requirements, according to the country of destination and express request of the client.

Throughout the entire process, from check-in to check-out, we rely on barcode reading. These function as the identity card of each product and contain information on the location, position or platform. It is a kind of first filter that, in case of errors, alerts us immediately.

Review and Packaging: Once ready, it is transferred to Review and Packaging, where identification labels are generated per package, with the detail of the customer’s name, package number, order number, among other data. They are individual labels that are placed on all the boxes that will go to packaging and dispatch.

As a verification, a reading of the barcodes (EAN) is carried out in order to ensure that what the client requested matches what the enlist staff prepared. This constitutes a second filter to verify certain aspects of the requirements matrix (exact quantities, impressions on secondary packaging, language of the documentation, etc.)

Quality inspection: The third filter depends on the customer’s need. If you wish, the item of quality inspections can be added to the service, meeting the necessary requirements.

Packing and dispatch: Next, we go to the packing process, which is carried out depending on the means of transport (air, sea or land). It should be taken into account that air travel requires more protection, since cargo handling is per package. On the other hand, in maritime or land transport, containers are sent that are not opened or have more handling until they reach the destination.

The result of this process is the obtaining of the packing list, essential information for the dispatch and export processes.

Almost all orders are processed in a similar way, except those that are sent to state entities such as INS and CCSS, since the bidding posters consider certain different specifications related to the labeling process, packaging, batch segregation, among other factors.

If you would like more information about our ordering process or any other stage in our supply chain, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to advise you and become your new trusted logistics partner.