What is Conditioning and Rework of Products?

Por admin-segex

Medicines must reach the user with the information and labeling in complying with the requirements indicated by the Ministry of Health of each country. On many occasions, the products undergo a series of actions known as conditioning or rework, so that they comply with these characteristics.

The main function of our Conditioning Laboratory focuses on the repack, marking or reworking of products. Some of the main actions we can do are:

•          Labelled

•          Inkjet printing

•          Tag removal

•          Repackaging

•          Legends changes

•          DataMatrix label prints or GS1 codes

•          Among others

These information modifications are made on the different types of packaging:

•Primary packaging

•Secondary packaging

•Tertiary or quaternary packaging

At Segex we have a professional and specialized human team that knows and complies with the regulatory requirements (labeling and information) and with the Good Manufacturing Practices regulations (BPM in Spanish)

Some of the aspects that differentiate us are: experience, flexible solutions and advice to the needs of our clients on:

– Management of regulations

– Assurance and traceability laws

– Requirements of the bids of the INS and CCSS in the correct handling and elaboration of Data Matrix with identifier.

We ensure added value in your logistics operation. our work focuses on finding solutions to exceed your expectations, if you want to know more information about our conditioning services please contact Gabriela Ruiz at g.ruiz@segex.co.cr