What is a SEL logistics company and what are the top 5 benefits of working with them?

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What is a SEL Logistics company?

SEL is the acronym that stands for “Integral Logistics Services”. The License to operate as as a SEL logistics company was born in Costa Rica in 2010.

These type of companies are beneficiaries of the Free Zones Regime, which allows offering value-added services in matters of planning, control and management of inventories, selection, packaging, fractioning, billing, labeling, unpacking, division, classification, repackaging, remarking, picking and distribution of merchandise.

An example of this business model is Segex, a 100% Costa Rican integral logistics company, specialized in providing tailored solutions to the supply chains of companies in the Life Sciences industry.

5 benefits you get from working with Segex, a SEL logistics company

Today we present you 5 reasons why we are the best logistics operator:

1. We offer solutions that go beyond logistics: At Segex we make our service flexible to meet the needs of each of our clients. Our scope of services includes broadly and generally: inventory management and control, picking orders, product conditioning, as well as imports, exports and transportation of products, either locally or internationally.

2. We are specialists in the Life Sciences industry: Segex is the only logistics operator with this level of specialization and understanding of the needs, challenges and regulations of the industry. In addition, it has a certifed Quality Management System (iso 9001) that meets the highest standards of compliance.

3. Duty benefits: merchandise from abroad, on which the logistics service is provided, that enter the Free Zone area is exempt from taxes and may be under this condition until it is decided to nationalize or re-export.

4. Simplified customs processes and facilities in customs logistics: customs processes and controls are much more agile for a SEL company.

5. Strategic location: we have a double privileged location, given that we are located in Costa Rica, a place that allows us to connect with the world by land, air and sea.

Our facilities are in Coyol Free Zone, a free zone continuosly awarded by The European magazine as the Best Free Zone in Latin America, which is located at:

– 5 miles from Juan Santamaría Airport

– 110 miles from the Port of Limón and 37 miles from Puerto Caldera

– 166 miles from Nicaragua and 210 miles from Panama

For more information about the SEL business model and the benefits of having Segex as a logistics operator, please contact Gabriela Ruiz at g.ruiz@segex.co.cr