Storage of medical devices and medicines: How is managed and controlled the inventory?

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Inventory control is defined, according to the APICS Dictionary, as the activities and techniques of maintaining the desired levels of stock, whether they are raw materials, work in process or finished products.

Inventory control is key in the supply chain. You must record all information possible to know exactly how much you have, where it is located, who is responsible, when it is going to be despatched and what will be their final destination.

Among the inventories that Segex can manage are:

– Medicines

– Medical sample

– Medical devices

– Cold chain products

– Raw material for medical devices

– Packing material

– Promotional material

But how is the inventory of medicines and medical devices managed and controlled at Segex?

One of the most effective tools for the control and correct operation of a warehouse is the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

This software includes radio frequency technology (QR Code & barcode), which recognizes and stores data on product movements in real time, keeping track of inventory and stock location. In addition, the system supports daily operations by assigning tasks to the team and making more efficient management.

Also, this technology helps to centralized information of the stored products such as article code, expiration date, quantity, value of the product, as well as customs information, all this together allows a detailed control to be carried out for efficient and accurate traceability of the stored product.

There are different techniques and methods for inventory control, here we show some of those used in Segex:

1. Cyclical inventories: Based on the ABC method or the 80/20 method, a classification of the products is made and then an inventory plan, which  stipulates the periodicity in the sampling of the cyclical inventory. Subsequently, reports are sent to the client.

2. Physical count: It is a manual count of the entire inventory, this is usually done once a year.

3. Inventory reconciliations: The client sends a record of their theoretical inventory, and it is compared with what we have in the warehouse based on the product and batch code. This is done as often as the client requests.

When products enter Segex, they go through various internal quality control processes, which are categorized into:

1. Quarantine: This is the first status assigned to products when entering Segex, they remain so until quality team´s approval.

2. Approved (available): Once the quality controls are passed upon entry, the pharmaceutical regent confirms that the product meets the specifications established by the client or laboratory and gives the approval to reléase the producto on the WMS.

3. Quality retention or QA Hold: The product is being held because it is associated with a claim, finding, inconvenience or non-compliance with quality, either due to a lack of accessories, permits or necessary documentation that prevents its approval.

4. State control: Inventory that enters to be sampled by pharmaceutical regents for Sanitary Registration procedures in the Ministry of Health.

5. Psychotropic or narcotic drugs: They are stored in a special area with rigorous control. This type of products must be carried out with a detailed record, which is delivered to the Ministry of Health.

6. Expired or Damaged: Products are locked up in a controlled, segregated area to coordinate destruction.

The inventory management and control is carried out in accordance with the Regulation of Good Storage and Distribution Practices (BPAD).

Segex has a 4000m2 warehouse (6.000 pallet positions), equipped with innovative infrastructure and complying with the highest quality and safety standards. In addition, it has a controlled temperature below 30 degrees in the all area, a fire detection and suppression system, cold rooms from 2 to 8 degrees and a strict control of temperature, humidity and pests.

Segex is the only logistics operator specialized in providing integral and flexible solutions to the supply chains of companies in the Health and Life Sciences industry. Also, we have developed extensive experience in preparing products for tender deliveries to the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS), the National Insurance Institute (INS), as well as private distributors.

We know that the correct management of inventories, as well as the accuracy, and controls over them, are aspects highly valued by our clients. That is why companies of great global recognition trust us as their strategic logistics allies.

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