International Logistics Solutions for Life Sciences companies

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If your company is dedicated to producing or distributing products in the Helath or Life Sciences Industry, it undoubtedly requires a high-quality logistics operator. The 3PL company is in charge of planning, implementing and controlling the supply chain to distribute the product both nationally as international, depending on your needs.

International logistics

At Segex we have an internal Traffic department, which is in charge of preparing all the necessary documentation, paperwork and coordinations, for importations or exportations processes.

One of the advantages of working with a logistics operator that is under the Free Zone regime, such as Segex, is that it allows you to make the method of entry of the merchandise more flexible. This means that the client has the possibility of entering or dispatching the cargo under the internment or definitive modality.

To understand the differences between the models, we detail the different options that exist:

  • Definitive import: The cargo reaches the logistics operator and immediately proceeds with the nationalization, which requires the payment of taxes as determined by the tax authority of the destination country. The necessary procedures and permits are carried out for its commercialization and, later, door-to-door delivery is done to the final destination.
  • Free Zone Internment: This model applies only if the logistics operator works under the free zone regime. The main benefit for the client is that the payment of taxes can be made until the moment in which the product is going to the market within the country. Or, if it is a product that requires conditioning prior to being exported, the customer can do it without having to pay taxes, considering thar the Free Zones are international spaces.
  • Final export: The final export is when the cargo leaves the country paying the corresponding exit taxes, according to the legislation of that country.
  • Export under the Free Zone regime: This is done if the cargo entered under the free zone or internment regime, therefore, when dispatching the cargo from the country, it does not require the cancellation of taxes.


Another fundamental aspect to consider in logistics are the characteristics that the product requires when being transported. For example, at Segex we have exclusive trucks that meet Health Sciences industry standards. This allows us to maintain temperatures between 15 ° and 25 ° C and, if the product requires a cold chain conditions, we have supplies (coolers, gel packs, among others) that maintain temperatures between 2 ° and 8 ° C.

We also can provide the service of custodians and GPS for controlled products, all in order to guarantee the safety of the products.

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